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United Kingdom
Female. | Hobbyist. | British. | 18. | Animal fanatic. | Pokemon Fanatic.

I do commissions, art trades, and collabs!

Requests: Closed.
Commissions: Open.
Art Trades: Open.
Collabs: For anyone who asks!

My hobbies are drawing, playing video games, listening to music and editing!

Singer Floof-Fluff Pagedoll by Sunshineshiny This is my precious Floof-Fluff, Singer. :heart:



Anti Matter
I drew this bad boy at my boyfriends!
I was so scared at first cause of all of
the different parts on its body, its
wings especially.

But alas, I did it, and I'm so happy
with the results. :heart:
Art © :iconhappyquacks:

Giratina © Pokémon
Thanks ana34722 for tagging me again!

1. Choose one of you'r Oc's
2. You'r Oc CAN NOT LIE.
3. Journal title should be "OC INTERVIEW".
4. Tag as many people as you wish
5. Have fun!

Going to use my OC/fan child, Hilde.

1.)  What is your real name and nickname?

The name's Hilde Horrendous Haddock! The wee daughter of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Merida of DunBroch.

2.) How old are you right now?

Ah'm 18 years of age.

3.) What's you're favorite food?

Ah' love me some pie baked by mi' Gran'ma Elinor.

4.) What about your favorite drink?

Hot milk! Sometimes tea, ah' like t' mix it up.

5.) Confession time! Who's you're lover?

Don'nae have one! Mi' mam keeps tellin' me that no man is fit for me.
Who knows, she migh' be right.

6.) Have you kissed anyone?

Nope, don'nae fancy it, either. Ah' see mam n' dad do it enough.

7.) Do you have a childhood sweetheart?

Ah' was a lil' wee rascal when ah' was a babby, none o' the kiddies wanted t' play wi' me 'cause ah' rode in on mam's massive horse, Angus.
Scared em' all off.

8.) Who is your favorite author?

Eh, ah' don'nae read. Pretty borin' if ye' ask me.

9.) What is your biggest fear?

Being booted in the head by Angus.

10.) Any siblings?

Just me. It's great bein' the only wee lamb.

11.) Who is your worst enemy?

Anyone who dares defy ma' family.
Ah'll 'ave Toothless fry em'!

12.) Okay then, who is your best friend/friends?

Angus, Toothless... Some kiddies o' the other royals, but more the horse n' drag'n.

13.) What would you do if you met your creator?

Ah'd 'ave t' give 'er a hug n' a punch. Hug, cause mi' parents are the best, n' punch cause ah' don'nae 'ave a pet o' mi' own yet.

14.) What is your dream?

Ma' dream is t' 'ave a massive dragon o' mi' own, a gorgeous, navy blue/green beast to fight at my side.
N' a gorgeous stallion to ride into battle.

Rulin' the kingdoms is the last thing on mi' mind.

15.) What's your worst nightmare?

Seein' all ma' family killed in front o' me, me not bein' able t' help or save em'.

16.) What's your life long dream?

To be a great queen wi' a cool ass drag'n n' horse.

17.) What would you do if that dream came true?

Well, heck, ah' know it's gon'a happen anyway. Dad told me so.

18.) What is your favorite place to relax at?

The stable wi' Angus or the castle wi' Toothless.

19.) This is the last question! What do you do most of your time?

Ah' sneak on out the castle t' ride Angus or Toothless.
get t' see so many other drag'ns n' wild horses gallopin' along, it's so cool.

20.) We are done here. No it's time to tag someone! (They can do it if they want to)

I'd rather not tag anyone, but this was fun to do!


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I love it, thank you so much!
I have plans to draw her soon. uvu
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No problem! Can't wait to see them! :D
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